Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ooh Ahh Jag-u-ar

Not much to write any more these days. Reached a point in the restoration where the remaining work is quite expensive and cannot really be done at home (well most of it at least).

Mechanical work remaining:
  • Machine cylinder heads (valve job, adjustment, guides etc...)
  • Needs new exhaust. I'm most likely going to get a Stebro stainless system when I can afford it
  • A proper carb tuning. Or better still a set of SUs all round would be nice. Six double barrel down draft Webers would be ever nicer
  • Need new front and rear windscreen seals - damn thing leaks!

Aesthetic work remaining:
  • Needs a full down-to-metal paint job. The car was originally BRG but I think it'll just be easier to stick to black at the moment. A thick piano glossy black is what I want.
  • Redye the biscuit interior
  • A nice new suede headliner won't hurt either
  • Need new chrome bumpers. The chrome is starting to bubble and peal in places and this car really deserves to have the original European bumpers anyways.

All that should make her as good as new, but it'll easily rack up a cool $10,000. I can't afford to dump that kind of money in the Jag all at once, but I don't mind taking my time and doing the remaining jobs one by one as my finances permit.

Speaking of which, I'm really broke these days. Really need to get a job in January (Graduating M.Eng in December). I can do anything from restoring V12 Jags to writing computer software, so hire me already!

I suppose I will be keeping the V8 Bruiser Benz blog updated more often than the Jag one from now on. The 560SEL is a proper garage queen and a fussy one at that. Needs lots of small things done. Should be doing the fuel pumps and ACC mono-valve soon.

Over and out for now.