Monday, July 16, 2012

Replaced oil cooler lines

This year I've been going through the various leaks on the Jag and trying to make the car a little easier to live with.

I've already repaired the coolant expansion bottle by having a local fellow retrofit the lower outlet fitting  from my Series 2 bottle onto a nicer Series 3 bottle.

And now I've just had new oil cooler lines made. Turned out to be quite an expensive affair as the whole thing has custom fittings and had to be re-used. Kirouac Fluid Industries on Blackwell re-used the existing threads and welded on a new set of crimp fittings for a new hose. Total cost was $250. Top quality work.

Not the easiest thing to remove especially with the clearance around the oil cooler but eventually got the old lines removed with two adjustment wrenches.