Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Ottawa Concours D'Elegance

I went to the Jaguar Concours today at the Aviation Museum. Sadly I wasn't able to take my Jag along. I had deferred getting the Jag ready for the season because I was rebuilding the 560. Eventually I gave in to compromise and sent the Jag out to have the starter changed. Had it changed but then found some sort of ignition problem. I am getting spark to the distributor cap but not to the spark plugs. Its probably just a bad rotor arm, but in any case I wasn't able to take my Jag to the show. Sad because there weren't any Series 1s or Series 2 XJs there.

Didn't really take many photos. E-Types bore me these days. There were a lot of things going on at the Aviation Museum other than the Concours. There was an air show, a general car show (MBCA had a few cars on show, and the entire Mustang club was there), and a few military vehicles. The Ottawa Jaguar dealer was there as usual.

That new XJ is really growing on me. The short wheel base has much better head room in the back. I got a chance to look over the white XJ the dealer brought over. I have only two gripes with it; 1) the interior is a bit tinsely - too much fake chrome 2) the instrument cluster is replaced with a hideous LCD screen. But if I had $90k to spend on a saloon, I'd buy a new XJ.

Two cars I particularly liked this year was a 1995 XJR6 and a Mark IX. Both in absolutely stunning condition. I'd love to have a Mark IX as a daily driver.

One of the last 100 VDPs. Black cherry.