Monday, November 3, 2014

Fuel issues

After many months of just sitting I decided to take the E-Type out for a drive and went to start it. It started and ran for a few seconds and then died. Tried to restart but it turned over and wouldn't start. The fuel pump was jugging away but it sounded like it was just sucking air. So I thought I'd have a quick look at the fuel setup in the boot and found the fuel pump set inside some foam and bolted to a pedestal that was bolted to the body. This is not what the workshop manual describes so I'm wondering it this is just a mess from a previous repair.

I'll eventually figure out what the fuel issue is but I'm a little concerned about the little capacitor like thing that was just stuffed in the foam. It looks like its meant to be grounded onto something.

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Evie Blackwell said...


This is a capacitor that is meant to counter the inductive load (I don't think it's setup right to do noise reduction, I don't know the rating) of the SU motor to the rest of the electrical system.

It's possible that the capacitor may have dried out. I haven't opened any up yet, and some dielectrics get old with age.